Welcome To New Jasmine Angkor Restaurant

Welcome to The mission of New Jasmine Angkor Restaurant is to offer an appetizing Cambodian style menu in a pleasant, appealing and cozy environment in Lowell, Massachusetts. The foods are served in an organized, speedy and orderly manner. Cambodian cuisine is relatively low in calories, high in nutrition, and tasty. It includes many rice, chicken, beef, and vegetable dishes. New Jasmine Angkor Restaurant Restaurant traces its roots to Khmer food and it culture. One of our competitive edges is to offer authentic Cambodian dishes. The exquisite meats, vegetables, and soups have been perfected to produce the most flavorful, appetizing, and attractive dishes. Many Cambodian dishes are somewhat spiced, and served with Tuk Trey (fish sauces, bird’s eye chilli's, sugar, and garlic) on the side to enhance the dishes. It is custom that people dining together share common dishes, which include four to five main courses with a plate of white rice served for each person. There is no formal system that governs which dish is eaten first or considered the centerpiece.

Khmer Food
Shrimp Angkor Style:
Spicy deep fried squid stir fried in jalapeno, scallions, and red chilies.Jumbo Shrimp with head ..
Kuy-Tiev Special:
Rice noodles, beef, meat balls, seafood, bean sprouts, cilantros, scallion, in house broth.
Mee Ka-Tang Spicy Special:
Flat rice noodle, meat, bamboo shoot, sweet pea pod, basil, Chinese broccoli in spicy sauces.